FAMILY… my family, my true loves but sometimes neglected without thought. I genuinely believe this is one thing in life that we sometimes have to LEARN to accept, appreciate and support because without doubt I love them unconditionally.

I have always found it difficult to connect and find my own place with my family but one thing I have come to realise is how important it is to first accept yourself and you will always find your way. As my love once shared with me —-  “Q: How do you actually practice self-love? … A: By exploring your self hate”. This has stuck with me as I truly believe I have nearly ALWAYS pretended like these areas don’t exist. Maybe a form of protecting myself, now is the time for me to practice.

BUT I finally and MUST start to accept the hardships, rejection, love, disappointments and paths as I would not be moulded the way I am to be sit here writing this to the world.

This is where my self-love has started. I bless you and wish this for all you wonderful people in the world.

SISTERS…. Eliz on the left, me in the middle, Duran on the right.

(Quote: Credit Instagram – @mindfulmft) (Image: Credit Instagram – @duran_deedee @xelizx)


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