I used to say no…

A reoccurring pattern of mine…always saying no. You might want to call it being fearful, indecisive, lazy at times, uncommitted but it was just another way of me rejecting myself. So the only person this was affecting was me me me. Yes me.

I love how you can go on a short journey with a friend that you choose to say yes too which in the past you know full well you would of said no. Just a short walk to have company, feel the air, be around the busy city streets in the chilling winter months. You will never know the hidden surprises you will discover by taking the wrong turn on a quiet but not distant street from the ever bustling boisterous city life. I came across some truly wonderful houses all with a very diverse feeling and purpose surrounding them. It’s just your choice to use your imagination of what is hidden behind the doors.

Oh and just to add in case you are wandering…that is me, I am 4ft 10. Maybe that is truly what attracted me to these small and precious homes, to stop saying no.

Question: I would love to hear a time when you chose to put in the effort to say yes when in the past you would of said no –  what did you find, how did it make you feel??


One thought on “I used to say no…

  1. Shelley says:

    Lovely post, and question – I said, Yes, to trying to write a blog when I thought it was a crazy idea and wanted to say no. It’s been an exciting, yet scary journey that I’m still willing to keep venturing out on! Thanks for the follow!

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