My Chosen Journey Through Meditating…

My beautiful moments alone in Turkey 2018…

Meditation. Always a no go for me. A waste of time I used to call it if I remember correctly.

I want this post to help and enable anyone who is looking to start grounding themselves, practicing self-love, finding peace, and ready to start envisioning their biggest dreams. Let me guide you if I can, meditating is one of the most effective ways to do this. (I haven’t seen big results YET but this is one journey I am committed to share with you step by step.)

So I have actually meditated maybe once or twice before, once on my own when I was not in the best spirits…it felt okay for the 5 minutes I took out of my day but I never stuck with it, maybe because I was trying to feel better. Laughable really… 5 minutes of meditation… and I was expecting this to make me feel better instantly??

Second time… again advice from ‘him’ (let’s just call him this for now). I travelled on my own for the first time in 2018 to Turkey, bearing in mind I was terrified of flying but knew I had to overcome this fear. Not forgetting the most common cliché to also ‘find myself’. He recommended I do a full 30 minute meditation session, what a perfect moment to do this, by the sea lying on the sand.

It was a beautiful and incredible moment, everything subconscious and all the thoughts I was hiding away surfaced in those 30 minutes. I really was able to envision my dream home, family life, love, happiness and future all in 30 minutes.

DAY 1 – using Apple Mindfulness App: (for beginners, I think it is always best to start off small and continue to increase the time when you are ready)

  • I chose to be in the most comfortable position. Lying down in my bed with the covers over me…warmth makes me feel safe.
  • It was barely 3 minutes long but in those 3 minutes to just silence the world and listen to your own breathing was honestly quite refreshing.

I will continue to post my journey along the way…

Question: I would love to hear about all of your mediation stories no matter whether you have just started or if it is your daily routine? How did it help you?  



3 thoughts on “My Chosen Journey Through Meditating…

  1. calmkate says:

    As I have been meditating for decades and teach it so may I suggest that you try five minutes each and every day … no excuses. If you want to see results you must put in persistent effort and five minutes is quickly over if it’s a restless one [expect many when you begin] and you can increase it if it’s enjoyable but always return to five minutes the next day … everyone can spare that in their day … I have posts, especially one for beginners on my blog.

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    • Izel says:

      Thank you for your lovely message. I am definitely trying this out… so far I am enjoying it and I agree that 5 minutes is not a huge amount of time to spare each day. Taking a time out for yourself 🙂

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      • calmkate says:

        we spend so much effort on our physical appearance and health each day but neglect our mental and emotional well-being … it will be productive if you persist and has a myriad of health benefits!


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