What does your home say about you?…Our Home’s Speak Wonders and Have Great Meaning…

If I am entirely honest with my readers, I  have not always been fascinated with this topic (or maybe subconsciously I have??) but from finding this new and intimate way of sharing with the world through blogging has allowed me to explore and research new learnings. 

Have you ever walked into somebody’s house and been intrigued by the smallest details, from the pictures on the walls, colours and palettes to the way the furniture is laid out? 

I started to venture out and open my mind to the wholesome fact that every distinct position we choose to place a flower, gift and accessory must have a hidden meaning behind who we are subconsciously. 

Are these objects we choose to lay out or the colours we use in our paintings and walls for our eyes only or is it way of expressing ourselves further to the guests who visit our space? 

So what are my findings through my own personal research…

 “Books on display are considered ‘identity claims’, and they say a lot about who we are as a person.”

“Liberal’s homes are far more likely to feature books, maps and art, and to be less neat and organised.”

This area really fascinated me…there are a number of different books visible which I believe have greater meaning behind them than we think. Take a look at the reoccurring pattern here… they all surround similar topics – inspiration, motivation, self-love and feminism. I am sure you can already predict and use your imagination to the type of person who lives here. 

The books are not just placed without thought, maybe subconsciously but definitely not without thought. Take a look at the pictures in the second image – Inspirational Women (Spice Girls) directly located next to the books. Do you see the correlation? 

“A more chaotic, dishevelled space where things appear to be thrown around supports someone who is more spontaneous and ‘go with the flow’.”

I love this area as it really does coincide greatly with the quote above, allowing you to take a deep look into someone’s way of thinking, behavioural patterns and lifestyle overall. There is only a minuscule area shown that is slightly organised, the rest…well let’s just say a pattern of a free person. 

“Items such as flowers, oil lamps and scented candles are known as ‘thought or feeling regulators.’ They are objects that change the way we want to feel in a room.”

I love this meaning, I have come across a lot  of homes with scented candles scattered across different rooms so maybe this could be a stage in a home-owner’s exterior life who wants to start to change specific aspects of their life – relationships, friendships, work, health etc. They are all intending to regulate their feelings and presence to work towards a goal. 

Question: What does your room say about you? Do you have your own ideas and psychology to different areas of meaning?

Sources: JDWilliams – “What does your bedroom style say about your personality?”


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