Wine Tasting Discoveries…

Wine Tasting – Vagabonds Charlotte Street, London. 24th March 2018. 14:44pm.
Wine Tasting – Vagabonds Charlotte Street, London. 24th March 2018. 14:47pm.

Would you like to try wine tasting?? NO, I don’t like it sorry. Well how this changed. Twice now I have tried to experience the elegance and beauty of wine. Each time I have been has been better than the last, your able to be in the moment and unwind.

I started my wine tasting journey in the city of London, surrounded by all walks of life – including families, soul mates, first dates and friends. To be honest it had everything I love from a great atmosphere, food to discovering the perfect wine for me.

Do I really know what wine really tastes the best or even better, know how to taste wine correctly? No probably not. BUT I had ‘him’ again to guide me from his own wonderful choices of constantly learning and trying new things.

Vagabond’s is where we chose to go on the 24th March 2018 in Charlotte Street. It has an amazing setup for first time wine tasters and for the most ‘entitled’ and ‘educated’ wine sommelier. The decor is vintage, warm, small and gives a true ‘intimate’ feeling like being at home.

What do you do next? – you simply top up your card with any amount based on how much wine you are looking to drink that day/evening. Not a hard choice for some wine lovers out there! We started with £20 to share and taste 125ml of each wine that stood out to us. All beautifully presented at the back of the room, choosing from Spicy, Aromatic, Elegant, White or Red. Quite simply you are in charge of what you choose, even if you do not really understand any of these ‘types’. The best way for me to describe this experience for your imagination to be intrigued further – it is like being in a sweet shop and finding your lifelong favorite candy.

I recommend trying each wine that interests you, based on your taste. Then moving onto choosing your best two and sitting down to the tastiest cheese board where you can select your own variations of meat and sides. All of which you can check against the wine’s you choose matches the best.

On a personal level related to this – I had my deepest and most meaningful conversations here. I felt completely relaxed and again, I felt free. This is also where we decided to embark on a very important journey of ours, a risk. – it felt like the right decision at the time. I am sure I will see the outcome of this decision between us very soon. I will keep you posted.

Question: What has your experiences been with Wine Tasting? Have you had any special moments?


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