I Don’t Just Want To Express… I Want To Serve

What has the purpose behind all of this meant to of meant? Of course it was to express but after realising the effect and changes your words and actions can have on people you know, people who you have never met was incredible to me, so my role is to serve. (Any great success story is when people are serving for the greater good of others, not through being selfish)

I struggled to figure out my ‘niche’ for releasing content that I was passionate about and what I intended to share with the world but I know exactly what it was meant to be along… I want to serve, help, inspire, drive and motivate anyone out there who wants to hear my own personal journey and life lessons along the way.

I’ve always aimed to give the most honest and best advice to friends, family and acquaintances but I have recently realised that I never take my own advice. It’s a question I asked myself time and time again, how can anyone give all this great and strong willed advice but not put it into practice themselves ??

The truth is – I have no idea why as beings we do this but again i believe that it all stems from anxiety and an easier said than done motion. It’s no wander we always say ‘I should take my own advice’ or ‘Why don’t I ever take my own advice??’. Maybe if we actually start looking at it this way and if we do give advice out then we always aim to make it our mission to put it into practice. Sounds easy?? No definitely not easy but it’s possible.

I believe that everyone has there path written out but it’s your choice to change the steps that lead down the path chosen for you. So take the control and serve people and yourself!

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”

Albert Einstein

Your Overprotective Friend…Otherwise Known as Anxiety

“Anxiety is your overprotective best friend, you can tell her/him it’s going to be okay”. I hope this can help anybody out there who sometimes leads a life of unfortunate anxiety or overthinks. Try put this into practice for yourself.

I ask of you – Stop living in the past, it is proven to cause pain and depression. Stop living in the future, it causes anxiety and unnecessary uncertainty and pressure. So please try love and live in your present, this is the most important part of life you can conquer.

I myself have struggled following this ideology of living only in the present and I can completely relate to how hard it can be to choose to lead your life this way, nothing great comes easily. But I promise you, it helps.

Whether this comes from fear of the future, the now or the past then always have faith in yourself and your own abilities. You are amazing and you are in control.

My Story…

It’s a battle that I have only recently in the last few years become aware of within myself. Maybe it’s because I have so much I want to achieve and I am finally stepping towards making the necessary changes. It has been a sort of unresolved feeling that lingers and creates a shot of doubt at any given moment, I find this has been the hardest part – not always recognising the issue or not being able to tap into your subconscious.

So I call her my friend, anxiety is my friend. I am able to control the situation by talking to ‘her’ and telling her that everything is going to be okay. It’s a moment of pure release from the feeling that comes from anxiety and all together allows you to gather your feelings to start to interpret them in a much more clear and effective way – for you.

Tips to help you…

1. Write your feelings down in a diary or blog

2. Talk to friends and family

3. Tell ‘her’ or ‘him’ it’s going to be okay

4. Create a vision/mood board of your dreams and plant them where you can easily see them everyday

5. Meditation

Your path is your own, you write and create it. Always remember you are in control…

Question: I would love to hear your tips on how you deal with anxiety?

Wine Tasting Discoveries…

Wine Tasting – Vagabonds Charlotte Street, London. 24th March 2018. 14:44pm.
Wine Tasting – Vagabonds Charlotte Street, London. 24th March 2018. 14:47pm.

Would you like to try wine tasting?? NO, I don’t like it sorry. Well how this changed. Twice now I have tried to experience the elegance and beauty of wine. Each time I have been has been better than the last, your able to be in the moment and unwind.

I started my wine tasting journey in the city of London, surrounded by all walks of life – including families, soul mates, first dates and friends. To be honest it had everything I love from a great atmosphere, food to discovering the perfect wine for me.

Do I really know what wine really tastes the best or even better, know how to taste wine correctly? No probably not. BUT I had ‘him’ again to guide me from his own wonderful choices of constantly learning and trying new things.

Vagabond’s is where we chose to go on the 24th March 2018 in Charlotte Street. It has an amazing setup for first time wine tasters and for the most ‘entitled’ and ‘educated’ wine sommelier. The decor is vintage, warm, small and gives a true ‘intimate’ feeling like being at home.

What do you do next? – you simply top up your card with any amount based on how much wine you are looking to drink that day/evening. Not a hard choice for some wine lovers out there! We started with £20 to share and taste 125ml of each wine that stood out to us. All beautifully presented at the back of the room, choosing from Spicy, Aromatic, Elegant, White or Red. Quite simply you are in charge of what you choose, even if you do not really understand any of these ‘types’. The best way for me to describe this experience for your imagination to be intrigued further – it is like being in a sweet shop and finding your lifelong favorite candy.

I recommend trying each wine that interests you, based on your taste. Then moving onto choosing your best two and sitting down to the tastiest cheese board where you can select your own variations of meat and sides. All of which you can check against the wine’s you choose matches the best.

On a personal level related to this – I had my deepest and most meaningful conversations here. I felt completely relaxed and again, I felt free. This is also where we decided to embark on a very important journey of ours, a risk. – it felt like the right decision at the time. I am sure I will see the outcome of this decision between us very soon. I will keep you posted.

Question: What has your experiences been with Wine Tasting? Have you had any special moments?

What does your home say about you?…Our Home’s Speak Wonders and Have Great Meaning…

If I am entirely honest with my readers, I  have not always been fascinated with this topic (or maybe subconsciously I have??) but from finding this new and intimate way of sharing with the world through blogging has allowed me to explore and research new learnings. 

Have you ever walked into somebody’s house and been intrigued by the smallest details, from the pictures on the walls, colours and palettes to the way the furniture is laid out? 

I started to venture out and open my mind to the wholesome fact that every distinct position we choose to place a flower, gift and accessory must have a hidden meaning behind who we are subconsciously. 

Are these objects we choose to lay out or the colours we use in our paintings and walls for our eyes only or is it way of expressing ourselves further to the guests who visit our space? 

So what are my findings through my own personal research…

 “Books on display are considered ‘identity claims’, and they say a lot about who we are as a person.”

“Liberal’s homes are far more likely to feature books, maps and art, and to be less neat and organised.”

This area really fascinated me…there are a number of different books visible which I believe have greater meaning behind them than we think. Take a look at the reoccurring pattern here… they all surround similar topics – inspiration, motivation, self-love and feminism. I am sure you can already predict and use your imagination to the type of person who lives here. 

The books are not just placed without thought, maybe subconsciously but definitely not without thought. Take a look at the pictures in the second image – Inspirational Women (Spice Girls) directly located next to the books. Do you see the correlation? 

“A more chaotic, dishevelled space where things appear to be thrown around supports someone who is more spontaneous and ‘go with the flow’.”

I love this area as it really does coincide greatly with the quote above, allowing you to take a deep look into someone’s way of thinking, behavioural patterns and lifestyle overall. There is only a minuscule area shown that is slightly organised, the rest…well let’s just say a pattern of a free person. 

“Items such as flowers, oil lamps and scented candles are known as ‘thought or feeling regulators.’ They are objects that change the way we want to feel in a room.”

I love this meaning, I have come across a lot  of homes with scented candles scattered across different rooms so maybe this could be a stage in a home-owner’s exterior life who wants to start to change specific aspects of their life – relationships, friendships, work, health etc. They are all intending to regulate their feelings and presence to work towards a goal. 

Question: What does your room say about you? Do you have your own ideas and psychology to different areas of meaning?

Sources: JDWilliams – “What does your bedroom style say about your personality?”

Feel FREE…My first time travelling abroad with me…

Day 1 – Oludeniz, Turkey. 23rd April – 10:10am.
Day 3 – Mugla, Turkey. 25th April 2018 – 9:26am. All Day Boat Trip.
Day 3 – Mugla, Turkey. 25th April 2018 – 15:11. All Day Boat Trip.
Day 4 – Fethiye, Turkey. 26th April 2018 – 17:47. Dinner, Just Me.
Day 5 – Fethiye, Turkey. 27th April 2018 – 08:39. Turkish Breakfast.

Wow what an amazing and unforgettable memory of mine…something we should all be proud of if we one day choose to say ‘YES’ too. 

If you have been following my posts and you are even the slightest interested in what I have to say then I thank you for reading on, I want this to help you too. It may spark something for you, inspire you and possibly lead you to some amazing memories and a new direction.

So where did this all start and what made me consider this choice of mine… It’s quite simple, I knew I was ready, and I needed to explore myself in a pure and special place. As I’ve mentioned before, I am absolutely terrified of flying. Let me rewind that…I WAS terrified of flying. This truly helped me to overcome my fear. I had no one to comfort me and tell me it was going to be okay, but I took the leap of faith. 

I got on that plane with fear, but I arrived in Turkey with nothing but a smile on my face, it really does show that facing your fears leads to tremendous outcomes for all of us. The days following slowed down and I made sure that I took every minute, hour and day as they came. I made sure that each day meant something to me, so I set off on my short journey. 

My first day….another choice I had to make – 1. Choosing to stay comfortable by the pool all day or 2. Travelling to the beach and let’s be honest, if I stayed I would have only experienced 10% of what I originally set out to do. I put on my favourite outfit, got on the local minibus and made my way through the most beautiful mountains and sea views towards the beach. This decision right here took no real effort, just a choice. I sat on the beach that day for almost 3 hours, please bear in mind that only a handful of people were scattered around. Needless to say, there was not much entertainment. I honestly just felt the moment, took in the warm clean air and felt the sand between my toes. It really was only a choice that had the ability to change my morning path entirely. I felt free. 

We should all be taking leaps of faith and please do try and step out of your comfort zone whenever the opportunity arises for you ———

“You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.” 
― Roy T. Bennett

Question: I want to hear from all of you beautiful people, so please comment below! What has your ‘YES’ been??

My Chosen Journey Through Meditating…

My beautiful moments alone in Turkey 2018…

Meditation. Always a no go for me. A waste of time I used to call it if I remember correctly.

I want this post to help and enable anyone who is looking to start grounding themselves, practicing self-love, finding peace, and ready to start envisioning their biggest dreams. Let me guide you if I can, meditating is one of the most effective ways to do this. (I haven’t seen big results YET but this is one journey I am committed to share with you step by step.)

So I have actually meditated maybe once or twice before, once on my own when I was not in the best spirits…it felt okay for the 5 minutes I took out of my day but I never stuck with it, maybe because I was trying to feel better. Laughable really… 5 minutes of meditation… and I was expecting this to make me feel better instantly??

Second time… again advice from ‘him’ (let’s just call him this for now). I travelled on my own for the first time in 2018 to Turkey, bearing in mind I was terrified of flying but knew I had to overcome this fear. Not forgetting the most common cliché to also ‘find myself’. He recommended I do a full 30 minute meditation session, what a perfect moment to do this, by the sea lying on the sand.

It was a beautiful and incredible moment, everything subconscious and all the thoughts I was hiding away surfaced in those 30 minutes. I really was able to envision my dream home, family life, love, happiness and future all in 30 minutes.

DAY 1 – using Apple Mindfulness App: (for beginners, I think it is always best to start off small and continue to increase the time when you are ready)

  • I chose to be in the most comfortable position. Lying down in my bed with the covers over me…warmth makes me feel safe.
  • It was barely 3 minutes long but in those 3 minutes to just silence the world and listen to your own breathing was honestly quite refreshing.

I will continue to post my journey along the way…

Question: I would love to hear about all of your mediation stories no matter whether you have just started or if it is your daily routine? How did it help you?  

Credit: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/the-mindfulness-app-meditate/id417071430?mt=8

I used to say no…

A reoccurring pattern of mine…always saying no. You might want to call it being fearful, indecisive, lazy at times, uncommitted but it was just another way of me rejecting myself. So the only person this was affecting was me me me. Yes me.

I love how you can go on a short journey with a friend that you choose to say yes too which in the past you know full well you would of said no. Just a short walk to have company, feel the air, be around the busy city streets in the chilling winter months. You will never know the hidden surprises you will discover by taking the wrong turn on a quiet but not distant street from the ever bustling boisterous city life. I came across some truly wonderful houses all with a very diverse feeling and purpose surrounding them. It’s just your choice to use your imagination of what is hidden behind the doors.

Oh and just to add in case you are wandering…that is me, I am 4ft 10. Maybe that is truly what attracted me to these small and precious homes, to stop saying no.

Question: I would love to hear a time when you chose to put in the effort to say yes when in the past you would of said no –  what did you find, how did it make you feel??